Philipp is a photographer, founder of a start up and combines various creative disciplines. His artist name as a photographer is Philipp von der Heydt. His Start Up is called Nights Glow Dark. And this homepage offers a selected overview of his work.
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From photographer to founder
Since 2007 the camera has been my constant companion. With it I have photographed countless party people at thousands of parties. Traveled through Europe for productions and events. I was allowed to photograph at fashion weeks for magazines and international brands and moved from Munich to Hamburg, London and Berlin.
My time in London was valuable on many levels. For one, I realized pretty quickly that the dream of being an international fashion photographer was over for me and the reality of this city quickly caught up with me. So I scored with the experience as a photo assistant (you prepare a lot of coffee with under) and became a barista. And since stressed bankers like to drink their first double espresso very early, my days got longer and longer. And one night - whether I was on my way to make coffee or coming home from networking at the pub - I don't remember exactly - but the light of the city was reflected on shiny sidewalks. The neon and led boards vied for attention, the fog of autumn making every spark of light visible. My new friends were long since in bed, me on my way back to Dalston. On foot, of course, so as not to miss anything and to discover everything the eye could pick up.
And at that moment I knew I wanted to start Nights Glow Dark. I want them to be illuminated frames that consciously use materials and bring social visions to the forefront. Backlit artwork that creates attention. Making walls and spaces special and creating a creatively inviting atmosphere.
And so I currently enjoy the luxury of being able to combine two passions. Light and art in combination with photography.
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