Portfolio Introduction of Philipp Stengelin
Frangelico - Lokalrunde München & Hamburg (commissioned) - Teaser & Video
Five locations, two hip hop artists, and good liquor, that is mainly the concept of Lokalrunde. A whole night, with fast location changes. Very crowded locations and energetic surroundings are a real challenge to capture product shots, people images, and directing a video of each performance.
Besides still images for campaigning and social media usage, the result has been different gifs and a video of each city hosting a „Lokalrunde“.
Crowdfunding Kampagnen Video für Nights Glow Dark
Script & Concept
Gemeinschaft - Kunst im öffentlichen Raum
Kuration & Organisation
Dance into style - GALA (commissioned)

As a celebration for the 25th anniversary of the German fashion magazine Gala, the Bavarian State Ballet was asked to collaborate with different dancers to show breathtaking and beautiful poses and dancing figures in combination with high fashion dresses.
This stock motion video was commissioned to show the effort behind the scenes.
Be more Interesting - Fashion Editorial Teaser
To show different patterns, colours and structures this fashion editorial reduces basic styles with different background.
As result I shot 10 different outfits for still images and created many different gifs for social media and one video for instagram reels, and a second option too with three different video images in one frame.
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